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DAS 140

DAS 142

To take advantage of our Journeyman, Apprentice and Tradesman program, please submit the contract award information DAS 140 Form to our office via email to  or fax (626)359-0359 to initiate the process.


Explanation to box 1 ‐ 3 on form DAS 140     


•     Box 1 is for contractors who are already approved to train by an apprenticeship program (signatory/member).   


•     Box 2 indicates that a contractor is willing to comply with a program's Standards for the current project only. This generally means that the fringe benefits and the training funds will be paid to that Committee's Trust Fund. It also allows a contractor to take advantage of a more generous maximum ratio than the CAC Standards, but does not affect the minimum ratio of 1 Apprentice hour for every 5 Journeyman hours.   


•     Box 3 means that a contractor will be governed by the regulations of the California Apprenticeship Council.  Generally, this means that the minimum and maximum ratio for apprentices is the same – 1 apprentice hour for every 5 journeyman hours per each craft, totaled at the end of the project. It also means the Training Fund Contribution is usually paid to the California Apprenticeship Council.

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